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Managing and Supporting Complex Multivendor Data Centers

In today’s business environment, the need for a highly reliable and available IT infrastructure is vital. Companies must protect themselves against the prohibitive cost of downtime and ensure constant access to their critical server and storage systems. As companies grow and evolve, their IT infrastructure, and their service and support requirements, become more complex. They are challenged with supporting increasingly heterogeneous environments, while reducing support costs.

Maximize the Value of Your Server and Storage Investments

With over 20 years experience supporting, managing, optimizing and securing mission–critical data center environments, we enable customers to enhance the reliability, availability, efficiency and performance of their server, storage, and network infrastructure, while realizing cost savings.

Since 1988, we have been supporting some of the most demanding, mission–critical data centers by providing expert Data Center Support Services including Multivendor Systems Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, Data Center Relocations, Hardware Procurement, and Education Services. We also provides Data Center Consulting Services including Infrastructure Assessment Services, Virtualization and Cloud Consulting as well as Managed Data Center Services and Outsourced Infrastructure Services.

Increase Data Center Availability While Reducing Your Support Costs

Data Center Support Services are designed to maintain and maximize the availability of our customers’ complex, multivendor, multi–platform server, storage and network infrastructure, while reducing their support costs by 25–40%, and delivering the highest standard of service.

We serve as a single point of contact for all our clients’ data center support needs and provide comprehensive support for the hardware and software that make up their infrastructure – including Sun Microsystems, Hewlett–Packard, IBM, Dell, EMC and NetApp server and storage systems. We provide support for our clients’ network and security infrastructure – including Cisco, Extreme Networks, Citrix, Riverbed, Blue Coat, Juniper and Check Point.

Consulting Services Enable Clients to Optimize their IT Infrastructure

As part of Our’s Data Center Consulting Services, we offer an Infrastructure Assessment, where we assess our clients’ infrastructure to identify opportunities for consolidation, increased cost savings, efficiencies and security. Our Cloud Consulting practice helps clients assess what services may make sense to move to the cloud. Our’s Microsoft Infrastructure Consulting practice helps companies maximize the value of their business–critical Microsoft environment – enabling them to ensure it is highly available, optimized, scalable, secure and well managed. Our’s consulting team also works with clients to increase data center efficiencies through consolidation, leveraging Virtualization.

To learn how we can help you reduce your data center support by 25–40%, or identify opportunities to optimize your existing infrastructure, please contact us.

The Difference

  • Single Point of Contact – With deep technical knowledge across a wide range of server, storage, network and security platforms as well as operating systems and software, we provide best-in-class data center support and management solutions for our clients’ multivendor data center environments. Consolidating service providers into a single point of contact provides considerable cost savings and peace of mind for our customers and eliminates challenges related to managing multiple vendors and contracts. Whether a client is looking to us to support or manage their data center, we will ensure they receive the optimal solution and highest standard of support.
  • Focus on Service – Founded as an independent services provider in 1988, Our cumulative knowledge, expertise, experience and best practices supporting, managing and optimizing mission–critical data centers enables us to deliver the highest quality of service and support.
  • Customer–Centric Services Philosophy – Our service philosophy is premised on enabling and empowering our clients and delivering a solution that meets their needs. Everything we do emphasizes providing exceptional service and an excellent customer experience. Our TLC² philosophy motivates every employee to always ‘Think Like a Customer,’ promoting Trust, Loyalty and Commitment.
  • Our Data Center Expertise – deep technical knowledge across a wide range of server, storage, network, security and software platforms ensures we provide best–in–class services and support for our clients’ data centers.
  • Cost–Effective Support Alternative – In addition to focusing on providing excellent service, Our hallmark flexibility enables us to deliver cost–effective solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Our customized and consultative approach to designing support solutions ensures clients are not over-supported – or paying for services they do not need. As an independent advisor, we help clients leverage their existing infrastructure by providing support for all the systems in their environment, including end-of-life systems.
  • Improved Systems Performance and Uptime – remote monitoring capabilities enable clients to analyze and optimize the performance of their infrastructure as well as avert potential issues that could cause downtime.
  • Our Customers – With over 20 years experience supporting complex multivendor data center environments, and over 800 clients, we have worked with some of the most demanding, high-availability data centers in the world, ensuring they are optimized for availability and performance.
  • Flexible Delivery Model – multi-shore delivery capabilities allow us to custom design the right data center management solution for each client.