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Akibia – Write for Us

Akibia aims to provide the most relevant articles and latest information about computers, software, digital life, smartphones, and accounting – basically all about technology and its latest developments. We cover news, tutorials, reviews, comprehensive online guides, trends, and insights. 

However, we realize that we cannot possibly cover everything at once, especially with the speed by which technology changes. As such, we are always on the lookout for writers who can bring something new to the table and help us address the latest thoughts, tips, tricks, trends, and solutions related to technology. 

What do we accept?

Submitted articles must be between 500–1000 words in length. This should be enough to cover only the most pertinent information. 

The following topics are recommended: 

  • Latest Tech News 
  • Tutorials
  • Online Guides
  • Solutions
  • Lists
  • Product Reviews
  • News and Trends 
  • Tech Events and Insights
  • Mac and Windows Computers
  • iOS and Android Devices
  • Accounting Software
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Internet Connectivity
  • Online Security

Who is our target audience?

Our audience varies from app developers, computer and tech geeks, web designers, and general consumers. We encourage engaging articles that offer easy-to-digest information, for any reader to understand.

What do we expect from you?

When you write for us, we expect you to follow these guidelines: 

  • You should write about something completely original. Review our website to check if the topic you want to work on isn’t already there. 
  • Include at least one numbered or bulleted list in your article. 
  • The article must be free of error, spelling mistakes, and poor grammar.
  • Your article should not be plagiarized or published elsewhere. We will not tolerate intellectual property violations. 
  • Include your short biography with a website link, social media profile, and a relevant image. 
  • Work closely with our editorial team for revisions, especially for time-sensitive articles. 

What will you get from working with Akibia?

Writing for us is a two-way process. You can expect the following things from us: 

  • We will include a byline with your bio, social media profile links, personal blog, or website details too. This will result in more readers getting to know you and your work. 
  • You will get expert guidance from our professional editorial team. We will make sure that you’ll be proud of your finished article. 
  • Writing for us will expand your reach and readership. We will promote your work on social media channels as well. 

We suggest that you send us your proposed topics and we will choose the best one for you to work on. To get started, you can email us at [email protected] We will be happy to review your work!

If you require any help and assistance from outline creation until the editing process, just drop us a message. Our team of expert editors will gladly help you out and welcome you on board as a contributor.