5 Top Services Used at ATMs


As payments quickly evolve in this environment, so must ATMs. How people use cash is shifting away from transactions toward holding cash as an asset. Banks are closing branches, and streamlining staff, shifting customer service to an ATM when possible. They can be designed to deliver only cash, or only cryptocurrency, with a rich range of added functionality in between. ATMs have become a surprisingly dynamic marketplace in the COVID-19 era.

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Data for today’s episode is provided by Javelin Strategy & Research’s Report:2022 ATM Market Summary: Coping in a New Cash and Digital Era

5 Top Services Used at ATMs

  • 86% to get cash
  • 73% to deposit cash
  • 72% to deposit checks
  • 67% for any other activity
  • 45% to check account balances

About Report

As the COVID-19 pandemic ripples across consumer payments, the heavily cash-centric ATM is in a challenging position. Consumers’ use of cash for daily transactional purposes (purchases, person-to-person payments) is on the decline, although larger amounts are being held at home. At the same time, FIs are rationalizing and reducing their branch networks and revising branch configurations and staffing, putting ATMs in the role of supplementing cash handling in the branch. Enhanced cash-recycling ATMs are being deployed to improve the efficiency of cash management.

Simultaneously, the move to smartphone-based digital interfaces—and now the delivery of digital goods, namely cryptocurrencies—provides new opportunities for existing and new terminals. A new research report from Mercator Advisory Group titled 2022 ATM Market Summary: Coping in a New Cash and Digital Era looks at the usage related to the pandemic environment, cash usage that influence how consumers use ATMs, and trends in  the design, deployment and new capabilities.


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