6 Powerful Marketing Tips For Small Business Startups

If you’re a small startup business, you go into a challenge with a plethora of established brands. It’s easy to feel intimidated and small, but with the right marketing, you’ll be surprised at how much traffic you can pull within a short time. That’s because these strategies will make you appear not as an inexperienced business but as a reputable one. Sounds good? Of course!

Below are six powerful marketing tips to adopt now as a small startup business:

1. Build Awareness Through Social Media Influencers

Gone are the days when you have to pay millions to celebrities to build brand awareness. While billion-dollar companies like Nike and Pepsi still do that, small businesses can count on social media influencers with a huge following. If an influencer with 500k followers on Twitter or Instagram mentions your brand, imagine how many eyes will be on your business. Social media influencers do not charge half as high as celebrities, making them affordable to small businesses.

2. Build A Digital Presence

Your website is your best marketer. It’s where anyone looking to know more about your business will go. So, whatever marketing strategy you adopt, having a well-designed and SEO-optimized website is vital. Many things go into building a functional website, so select the suitable web design packages that offer just what you want when discussing with your web designer.

Promote your business on social media and LinkedIn and link to your site.

3. Do Cold-Emailing

Cold emailing is a good marketing strategy for small businesses to connect with potential customers. To use cold emailing effectively, you should create a list of potential customers and research the companies you want to target to find the decision-makers. Then draft a personalized email introducing your business and explaining why you think the company would be a good fit for your products or services. Ensure to follow up with phone calls if necessary.

4. Target Your Customers Correctly

You must know who your target audience is before even marketing at all. Knowing your buyer persona makes it easier to tailor your marketing messages and ads to the right people who will relate and possibly buy. If not, you may waste time, effort, and money placing ads in the wrong place.

5. Connect With Local Businesses

One of the best ways to market your small startup business is to connect with other local businesses in your area. You can even ask them to refer customers to you (when you offer what they don’t), and you would do the same for them. Attending business events and joining online forums is another sea of opportunity.

6. Offer Incentives

To encourage customers to purchase, you can offer incentives such as discounts on your products/services or a free item with purchase. A loyalty program that rewards customers for continued business is another excellent idea. Ensure that your customers will perceive whatever incentive you offer as valuable.

Finally, blog, blog, and blog. Since you already own a website, start blogging about the latest trends and events related to your industry. Leverage SEO to gain traction on your website and see your traffic grow. And as traffic grows, so does your reputation and revenue until you are no longer just a startup but an established business.