About Us

We live in a computer-based world. With just a press on a screen, we can send messages and browse the world wide web. With this vast information before us, we must keep our morals and help make the digital world as secure as it needs to be.

Through our stories here in Akibia, we will bring forward the latest ideas regarding computers, software, and accounting, to name a few. Let us know what you want to read about when it comes to technology, and we’ll make it happen.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of accounting, computer, and software reviews and an extensive portfolio of industry-focused content. This platform will provide complete information on today’s technology, cash management, and strategic software services.

Our team members personally use downloadable content in their daily lives at work. They recognise the need for a site that carefully and freely presents detailed data, business expertise, and honest review. Akibia remains the committed, reliable and safe source for accounting, computer, and software matters.

Our Mission

We believe the free internet is an instrument for positive transformation. It belongs to everyone and no one- all at the same time. We will help it flourish and counter all efforts at ownership.

Our Vision

We’re building ideas for people and not for computers. We choose to build a platform where integrity wins over complexity at all times.

Here in Akibia, we bring the future now.