Enable Faster, More Reliable Payments Processing


In a world of instant payments and high consumer expectations, businesses need to process and resolve payments as quickly as possible. That’s why Dojo, a UK-based payments technology provider that works with more than 50,000 businesses globally, sought to provide payments processing services to its business clients that would be faster than the existing industry average.

To do so, Dojo required a co-location and digital infrastructure platform partner that could provide the security and fast interconnection required for a scalable, high-performance, multi-cloud environment. This infrastructure would need to access services on Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud, and securely connect this physical infrastructure to Dojo’s cloud-based applications.

In this recently published case study, Dojo described the process of partnering with digital infrastructure company Equinix to connect with all these different platforms and create an infrastructure that enabled Dojo to deliver best-in-class payments processing speed to its business clients.

Creating a Multi-Cloud Strategy

In order to meet the increased demands of the businesses it works with, Dojo needed to create a multi-cloud strategy for its digital payments processing platform. This required both hosting physical, on-site entry points for various payment networks such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as point-to-point encryption devices and hardware security modules (HSM) for processing security operations based on digital payment regulations.

Dojo processes payments from a vast network of 70,000 card machines and, thus, required secure, instant communication between its hosted cloud providers and its on-site hardware. As such, the company contracted with Equinix to build a hybrid multicloud infrastructure. Dojo deployed systems in two Equinix data centers, where it could securely operate its physical devices and have speedy access to all the applications stored in the public cloud.

From there, Equinix’ Fabric software enabled Dojo to connect on-site applications to secure cloud on-ramps with high-speed, single-digit latency in order to accelerate customer payments processing. Equinix further provided direct, dedicated carrier-grade network links that connected the two data centers.

Dojo also used the Network Edge software service from Equinix so it could expedite the deployment of Cisco CSR 1000V virtual routers in both the London and Frankfurt data centers to speed and scale connectivity to the public clouds virtually and without additional hardware.

Dojo’s front-end credit card payment services then became accessible to customers via AWS and Google Cloud, which connect to the company’s payment network switch and clearing processes on Oracle Cloud via Equinix Fabric with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect.

Faster, More Reliable Payment Service Delivery

Dojo’s partnership with Equinix enabled the company to deliver faster, more reliable, and more secure payments processing capabilities to its customers. By creating a high-performance, scalable digital infrastructure, Dojo was able to attract larger business clients, including those that process tens of thousands of payments daily. Dojo was able to serve these new clients without any lag in speed or performance, providing them with a seamless payments processing experience. Such scalability is vital for Dojo to expand its client base.

Furthermore, Dojo can scale its services as needed due to the high-speed connection between the Equinix data centers in London and Frankfurt and Oracle Cloud, AWS, and Google Cloud. This enables Dojo to conceivably serve any business of any size – no matter how large – effectively with quick payment processing services. This infrastructure also can power Dojo’s expansion globally and serve businesses in any number of geographies, since Equinix operates data centers in more than 240 locations around the globe.

As an environmentally conscious company, Dojo also prioritizes sustainability and renewable energy sources. Equinix also shares the same commitment and uses 100% clean and renewable energy to power its global platform, making it not only an optimal strategic business partner to Dojo, but a partner that shares the same ideals as well.

“Equinix is the Rolls-Royce of data centers and digital infrastructure platforms. It provides our customers and us with the reliability, security, and performance we require to accelerate and scale our payment services internationally to stay ahead of the competition,” explained Nick Fryer, Chief Technology Officer at Dojo. ““The connectivity between Oracle Cloud, AWS, and Google Cloud is crazy fast.”

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