Activities Involved in Mobile Field Data Collection

Today, a firm that maintains a mobile field workforce collects the data through several methods. With so many things happening simultaneously, data loss, data inaccuracy, disconnect between the customer and company, and several other things occur that affect the company. 

So, arranging a proper tool and technique for data collection is imperative. There are many ways the field workforce can collect and store field data. One of the methods is via the mobile data collection technique. The smart Form is a powerful tool to collect data from customers. 

Smart Forms are just one of the several ways you can collect data. This article will focus on the importance of the forms and how this tool helps companies manage data accurately and efficiently.

What are the benefits and features of these forms?

These forms are available on IOS and Android platforms, and anyone can utilize this tool for collecting data. Following are the benefits of these digital forms:

  • You can build forms within minutes. You have to drag and drop it.
  • You can know the who, where, what, and when with the help of GPS location tracking.
  • The offline data collection capability will help you collect data from anywhere (anytime).
  • Your data will be safe.
  • Integrated back-office, in-house built system, and third-party.
  • Entirely configurable to create digital mobile forms for any kind of data collection requirement.

What are the activities involved in mobile data collection applications?

Every firm wants to collect them to customize their services, and accurate data means better service. Data collection involves various steps and processes. Below are some examples of data collection methods that use smart forms.

Digital data collection using smart mobile forms

Using the drag and drop forms builder, you can create powerful digital mobile forms in minutes. There are more than enough features in this application for you to create a number of customized forms.

Offline mobile data collection application

Network connectivity is still an unsolved issue, and you will face these issues during the data collection. Collecting data from remote locations could become a difficult task; hence, firms use smart forms that can collect data even when the device is offline. All changes and updates are synced when the device comes online. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about data loss.

Capture photos, videos, and audio

These forms enable your field workforce to employ the forms to collect pictures, audio and videos directly. The contents can now be uploaded from the gallery to the forms or you can set the app in automatic mode. Once the app saves this data, you will be able to retrieve it whenever you want it from the database.

Mobile digital forms are essential for people in different professions such as:

  • Inspections, surveys, research, and installations
  • Pole audits
  • Incident reports
  • Quotes
  • Job safety analysis
  • Before and after work
  • Checklists and compliance forms
  • Pre-installation audit

There are industry-specific data collection methods such as:

Every industry needs data to support its growth, but each has different requirements and digital forms to get the job done.

Telecommunications: Installation of towers, network maintenance & upgrade, and switching tasks requires collecting accurate information.

Oil and gas services: Environmental inspection forms and plant rounds.

Utility services: Upgrades, meter installations, disconnects, and maintenance.

Data collection is of utmost importance in every industry, and its requirement will only increase in the coming days. Proper maintenance and upgrading of machines or facilities are dependent on the accuracy of the data collected; hence, the application used for the process must be reliable.