Amazon’s Palm Reading Payment Coming to Whole Foods Market 


Amazon is continuing to expand its contactless payments service, Amazon One, via partnerships with several retailers—including Whole Foods Market, which will be letting consumers pay with just the palm of their hands in 11 of its locations in Colorado.  

How It Will Work 

Whole Foods Market shoppers will need to link both their palm and payment card at a participating point-of-sale station or kiosk. Once that’s completed, they’ll be able to check out by holding their hand above the scanner before leaving the store.  

Amazon will also be rolling out its Amazon Dash Cart feature in Colorado, the fourth store in the nation, which is a smart shopping cart that identifies items in the shopping cart, by using computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion.  

As shoppers leave through the store’s Amazon Dash Cart Lane, sensors identify the cart, and the payment is processed using the credit card on the customer’s Amazon account. The receipt is then emailed to the shopper. 

To use this feature, shoppers will need to log in through a QR code that is available via the Whole Foods Market app. Back in August 2022, 65 Whole Foods stores in California launched the Amazon One checkout solution as well as palm payment technology.  

Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon, is the latest retailer to leverage the e-commerce giant’s contactless technology. Last month, Panera Bread also announced its partnership with Amazon One, as another way consumers can pay for goods at their locations.  

By and large, more businesses are realizing the benefits of drawing and retaining customer loyalty by gathering data about customer behavior. It is with this vital information that businesses can gain valuable insights into what they can do to provide more personalized offerings and recommendations for their customers, as well as reward them for their repeated patronage. 


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