Apple Card promotion promises $150 cash back for select new applicants


New Apple Card email promotion could result in $150 cash back award

Spend $1,000 after applying for a new Apple Card, and Apple will add $150 to Apple Cash, but customers have to meet specific requirements.

The new Apple Card promotion incentivizes customers to spend $1,000 in a short period, but it has a catch.

According to the terms of the promotion, only those who received an email directly from Apple are eligible for the $150. Those who did receive the email can apply for an Apple Card anytime between February 28 and March 20 and spend the $1,000 to get the $150 back.

The $1,000 has to be spent before March 20. Refunding any purchase that applies to a portion of the $1,000 could result in Apple deducting the $150 reward from the user’s account, even after the promotion is over.

Existing Apple Card holders or Co-Owners are not eligible for this promotion. Accounts opened via the Co-Owner or Participant application are also not eligible. Only new, single-owner accounts are eligible, and again, only if they received Apple’s email.


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