Apple Watch owners’ next must-have gadget is a sleep-tracking smart Oura Ring


In a world in which you can get smart versions of almost anything, from speakers and watches to water bottles and running shoes, I find smart rings particularly fascinating. In some ways, they’re the perfect wearable – unobtrusive, stylish and able to seamlessly blend with the rest of your outfit. However, they’re far too small to pack a screen, so all the data it collects is only available in the corresponding app. 

Out of all the smart ring offerings available right now, the Oura Ring is the best-known and most adopted, topping our list of the best sleep trackers. The Oura Generation 3 is a solid wellness tracker geared towards monitoring sleep and stress rather than pure fitness, with seven temperature sensors monitoring your ‘restorative time’, an updated heart rate sensor, and a readiness score just like Garmin or Fitbit. 


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