Discord’s themes are locked behind its $10-a-month Nitro subscription


Discord is finally giving you the power to customize your desktop app’s interface with various themes for its latest beta test. The messaging app has introduced Themes — one of its most requested features — with 16 pre-made options to choose from. The not-so-good news? You’ll only be able to apply them if you’re paying for Nitro, its most expensive subscription option. 

Nitro does have other perks, including a bigger file-sharing limit, 4K and 60fps streaming, as well as the ability to send messages up to 4,000 characters in length. But if you don’t really need any of them, it’s a matter of deciding whether it’s worth paying $10 a month or $100 a year for the subscription tier just to be able to access Discord’s themes. 

In case you have been waiting for the feature to drop and do decide to pay for Nitro, you can choose from the available color schemes by going to Appearance under Settings. You’ll now see a new Color section under the existing Light and Dark themes, where you can find the main 16 choices. There’s apparently another hidden color scheme you can see when you click on the Preview Themes button to test out each option before applying one. Thankfully, Discord is allowing you to use the preview button even if you don’t have an existing Nitro subscription, so you can at least check out what’s available before you make a purchase. 


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