Embedded Payments: ACH’s Next Frontier


Thu, Feb 2, 2023 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

All payments will begin and end in software. Payments will be directly embedded within software applications and platforms, rather than a discrete service. This will have a significant impact on the future of financial services.

Driven by software and payment innovation, embedded payments have emerged as one of the most exciting areas of financial services. According to Bain, they are estimated to total $7 trillion dollars by 2026.

Why do Embedded Payments Matter?

Embedded payments matter because they enable companies to deliver more compelling and valuable products, and monetize their businesses in new ways. They also unlock new use-cases and markets. To give some examples of embedded finance use-cases:

  • TripActions marries expense software and payments to help finance teams automate the entire expense management process.
  • Carats & Cake combines software and payments to help the events industry increase conversion, revenue, and improve cash flows.
  • Airbnb integrates payments into the marketplace to enable homeowners to seamlessly rent out their spare housing.

In addition, embedded payments have been a major contributor to the growth of the ACH network. They have helped drive the transition towards digital payments; they have accelerated payment activity by creating frictionless financial products and experiences. Additionally, they have helped expand the pie by unlocking compelling new markets. As a result of embedded payments, the ACH network has expanded from payroll and bill-payments, into so many areas of our financial lives.

Presenter Bio / Info:

  • George Throckmorton: Managing Director, Nacha
  • Matt Marcus: Chief Product Officer, Modern Treasury
  • Angelos Anastasiou: Managing Director, Chief Solutions Architect at Goldman Sachs TxB
  • Luke Hammock: Head of Embedded Finance, Goldman Sachs TxB


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