Foolproof Tips For First-Time Twitter Users

Twitter may not initially seem as fun and entertaining as Facebook and Instagram, but you will realize its interactive value sooner than later. You can connect with like-minded people and share your opinions on the platform. It is an excellent promotional channel for startups and brands. Either way, it gives you an opportunity to grow your reach and build a community for personal or business purposes. But you need to dig deep into the features and nuances of Twitter to make the most of your interactions with community members or customers. Here are a few foolproof tips for first-time Twitter users. 

Win with a compelling bio

A compelling bio gives you a head start on the platform, whether you want to build a following or get more customers for your brand. Start by choosing a relevant account name that creates an identity for your brand. Also, write a bio to introduce yourself to the audience and generate interest in your account (personal or business-related). A photo or image that sets you apart is also an integral part of your Twitter bio, so pick an engaging one.

Follow the right people

Besides creating a bio that picks audience interest in your account, you must also follow the right people on the platform. The accounts you follow determine the type of content you can access. Moreover, they also help you build a relevant community and foster robust relationships. You may consider following your friends and acquaintances, colleagues, local businesses, professionals in your industry, and current or potential customers. The choice depends on the objective of your Twitter strategy.

Get the tools you require

Creating a Twitter account is only a start because you must keep the engagement going to retain your followers and bring more on board. Having the right tools in your arsenal can help you achieve both goals. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to help you create quality content and post them at the right time. For example, you can utilize a Twitter Video Downloader app to download your favorite videos and GIFs. Likewise, you can try a scheduling tool to post content when your followers are most likely to interact with it.

Spread the word

Another tip for first-time Twitter users is to spread the word about your presence on the platform. You can do it directly for a personal account, but brands should send emails and display the Twitter link on their websites to get more followers following them on the platform. The good thing is that most users are keen to expand their networks, so getting them on board is easy if you take the first step.

Have a strategic plan

Although you may want to create a Twitter account for interactive purposes, having a strategic plan helps to boost your presence. Brands must absolutely have one that defines their objectives and roadmap. For example, you may want to grow your community, create brand awareness, or promote a new product with a Twitter campaign. Having a strategic plan takes your campaign on the right track.

New Twitter users need not do a lot to create a winning presence on the platform. You can follow these steps to get a head start and build a follower base from there.