Frictionless Payments Can Enhance Customer Experiences  


Businesses are continuing to look for ways to deliver frictionless payment experiences for consumers, and there’s no greater battleground for customer loyalty than the online checkout counter. A less-than favorable online payment experience can result in abandoned carts, driving customers away.

Embedded Payments Provide Frictionless Digital Payments

As we approach a potential recession, there will be fewer discretionary spending among consumers. Simplifying the customer payments journey and ensuring that there are no hiccups from start to finish is critical for all businesses. One way to improve the customer experience is by incorporating embedded payments.

Embedded payments are, in essence, a frictionless payments method. Customers can save a payment method for later use, without taking out their credit card—it’s already on file. Overall, there has been an influx of digital payments that have proliferated across various industries. In the QSR space, restaurants have adopted various types of digital payments by integrating self-serve digital ordering, enabling servers to deliver the best customer experience and not fumbling with manually taking orders or having to run credit cards on point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Meanwhile, on the B2B side, suppliers can now automate invoicing as well as the collection, using a PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) agreement or an embedded form of general ledger reconciliation, accounts receivable solutions, as well as payment credentials. Are you not familiar with it? Well, you can read this post from Rotessa and learn more.

Looking Ahead

The advantages of incorporating the right payments solution for your business is two-fold; not only will it increase loyalty, thereby driving more sales, the back-office will also benefit as it will see greater productivity, which means an acceleration of cash flow. In this ever-evolving payments landscape, it’s critical that businesses focus their efforts on enhancing the customer payment experience as much as possible—whether it’s by integrating embedded payments, cutting costs, or testing out various technology in this ever-evolving space.


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