How Cryptocurrency Payments Are Changing E-Commerce


Whether you have dabbled in it or not, chances are you’ve at least heard of cryptocurrency. It’s a hot topic that has escaped the financial sphere and spilled into the public sphere. Today, a surprising number of people have tested out cryptocurrency payments. Regardless of how much experience people have with the currency, most have an opinion.

But what exactly is cryptocurrency? It can be a hard concept to wrap your head around.

At its most basic level, cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual payment system. What makes the whole concept special is that it’s supposed to be nearly impossible to hack or counterfeit, which makes the money incredibly secure. It also doesn’t exist within the traditional financial system which decentralizes transactions and requires payments to be verified by a system of users.

Growing Crypto Interest

Though the use of cryptocurrency started slowly, use of the financial technology has taken off over the past handful of years. The industry expanded by over 190% between 2018 and 2020. Today, there are well over 300 million crypto users across the globe. Surprisingly, many of these users feel incredibly confident in market trends for crypto and trust the system as a means of generating income.

Surprisingly, the age range of crypto investors is much more diverse than one might expect. On the surface, cryptocurrencies can seem pretty technical and the type of thing that is likely to attract a younger audience. However, that isn’t exactly the case. Many older adults are choosing to make smart investments and diversify their portfolios by incorporating cryptocurrencies. 

Most investors are utilizing popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether. However, with nearly 20,000 different types of cryptocurrencies in circulation, there is something for everyone. It creates a very exciting opportunity for anyone looking to try out the tech.  

Benefits of Crypto Transactions

This massive rise in the number of people utilizing cryptocurrencies is slowly starting to change the world of business around us. E-commerce, in particular, is set to drastically change due to the rise of cryptocurrencies. Today, hundreds of businesses across various industries are starting to incorporate and accept crypto payment options. One interesting example of the potential future is how cryptocurrency could link to online gaming.

We can see from this industry some of the biggest advantages of incorporating crypto with e-commerce. For instance, online gaming could be designed so that players could make in-game goods purchases using crypto. These purchases could allow them to be more successful or advance through levels faster. The use of cryptocurrencies could be beneficial in that they allow for almost instantaneous transactions, eliminate global exchange rate issues, and provide a secure means of transferring funds. This is just one of many benefits crypto offers to the online gaming industry that could exist throughout the e-commerce realm.

Research suggests that online and credit-based transactions increase when people are nervous about the economy. Individuals may use this to help supplement incomes. In many ways, making it easier to allow people to utilize their cryptocurrencies may help them feel more financially secure or stable during times of uncertainty.

Multiple Industries Are Getting Involved

Today, all sorts of major industries are linking up their payment systems to crypto markets and beginning to accept all major forms of crypto. These include industries such as social media platforms, retail markets, the hospitality sector, and even the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry isn’t exactly known for being quick to adopt modern data filing and payment technologies. In fact, oftentimes when we go to pay medical bills, we quickly realize how far the rest of the world has come. Thousands of people try to negotiate their healthcare bills or get onto payment plans that help to make their payments a bit more manageable. The incorporation of crypto into medical payment systems can make a huge positive difference for many.

Not only that, but the use of crypto and blockchain technologies in the healthcare system can actually help to make payment and private healthcare information a lot more secure. Since all cryptocurrency payments are made in a blockchain setting, users can expect that their personal healthcare data will not be hacked or shared during payments. Ultimately, this can lead to better patient-doctor relationships due to better communication about medical records and improved payments and transactions.


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