How Long Do Airtag Batteries Last?

Navigating the world of tiny, powerful gadgets, AirTags have emerged as a beacon for those prone to misplacing their valuables. Central to their appeal is a diminutive yet potent source of power: the battery. The lifespan of this battery not only dictates the operational efficiency of an AirTag but also its overall convenience and reliability. On average, an AirTag battery promises a year of seamless service under typical conditions. Yet, this duration is not set in stone; factors such as usage intensity and battery quality play pivotal roles. This exploration delves into the nuances of AirTag battery longevity, offering insights into when a replacement is due, the procedure for changing the battery, and how choosing the right battery type can extend the life of your AirTag. Empower your AirTag to ensure it remains a steadfast ally in your quest to keep track of your possessions.

How Long Does the Battery Last in an AirTag?

The lifespan of an AirTag battery is a tale of endurance, typically spanning about one year under normal conditions. This estimate, however, isn’t a one-size-fits-all. For those who frequently call upon their AirTag to locate items, heavy usage can nudge the battery towards an earlier retirement. Understanding this dynamic is crucial for ensuring your AirTag remains a reliable companion in your daily adventures. Whether your AirTag is working overtime or just occasionally lending a hand, its battery life is a pivotal factor in its performance.

Under Normal Conditions

Under typical usage, which encompasses daily activities like tracking keys or a backpack, an AirTag’s battery can last up to a year. This duration is based on moderate interactions, where the AirTag isn’t constantly sending its location but is used regularly enough to keep an eye on your belongings.

With Heavy Usage

For those who rely on their AirTag’s capabilities more extensively, such as frequent travelers or individuals who often misplace items, battery life may diminish more quickly. In situations where the AirTag is continuously in operation, providing location updates, and being pinged, the battery might need replacement sooner than the anticipated one-year mark.

What Type of Battery Does an AirTag Use?

At the heart of every AirTag lies a CR2032 coin cell battery, a common yet powerful source that fuels its tracking capabilities. This type of battery is not only widely available but also user-replaceable, ensuring that maintaining your AirTag’s power source is as straightforward as it is convenient. The choice of a CR2032 battery by Apple underscores a commitment to both accessibility and longevity, making it easier for users to keep their AirTags operational without specialized assistance.

CR2032 Coin Cell Battery

The CR2032 coin cell battery stands as the lifeblood of the AirTag, a testament to durability and widespread availability. Its selection for powering the AirTag underscores its longevity and reliability, making it a preferred choice in small electronics. Beyond its technical merits, the CR2032’s ubiquity in the market ensures that when the time comes for a replacement, securing a new battery is a hassle-free process. This ease of replacement empowers users to quickly restore their AirTag’s functionality, ensuring minimal disruption in their tracking capabilities.

How Can You Tell When the Battery Needs to Be Replaced?

Identifying the need for a battery replacement in your AirTag is made intuitive by Apple’s thoughtful design. When the battery begins to diminish, you’ll receive a low battery notification directly on your iPhone, ensuring you’re promptly alerted. Additionally, for a more proactive approach, you can check the battery status anytime within the Find My app. This dual-notification system ensures that you’re never caught off guard, allowing for timely battery replacements and uninterrupted service from your AirTag.

Low Battery Notification on iPhone

When your AirTag’s battery dips to a critical level, your iPhone acts as a vigilant guardian, sending out a low battery notification. This alert serves as a clear indicator that it’s time to replace the battery, ensuring your AirTag remains a reliable tracker without interruption.

Checking Battery Status in Find My App

For those who like to stay ahead, the Find My app provides a hands-on approach to monitor your AirTag’s battery life. Within the app, a simple glance at the battery status lets you gauge when a battery replacement might be imminent. This functionality encourages proactive battery management, keeping your AirTag in peak condition.

How Do You Replace an AirTag Battery?

Replacing the battery of an AirTag is a straightforward process designed for user convenience. Begin by pressing and twisting the back cover of the AirTag to access the battery compartment. Once open, remove the old battery and insert the new CR2032 battery, ensuring the positive side is facing up. Finally, align the cover and close it by reversing the opening motion. This simple procedure ensures your AirTag is quickly back in action, with no tools or technical expertise required.

Press and Twist the Back Cover

To initiate the battery replacement, press down on the back cover of your AirTag and twist it counterclockwise. This maneuver unlocks the cover, providing access to the battery compartment.

Remove the Old Battery

Once the compartment is open, gently eject the old battery. This step paves the way for the introduction of a fresh power source, ensuring your AirTag remains operational.

Insert the New CR2032 Battery

Now, take a new CR2032 battery, making sure the positive side is facing up, and insert it into the designated slot. Correct placement is crucial for the AirTag’s functionality.

Align the Cover and Close

For the final step, align the back cover with the body of the AirTag and twist it clockwise until it clicks into place. This secure closure ensures the battery is safely housed within the AirTag, ready for continued use.

Can the Battery Type Affect the AirTag’s Lifespan?

The choice of battery can significantly influence the performance and lifespan of your AirTag. Opting for branded vs generic batteries can lead to noticeable differences, with branded ones often providing a more reliable and consistent power supply. The impact of battery brand on performance is not to be underestimated, as high-quality batteries tend to offer optimal performance, ensuring your AirTag functions at its best for as long as possible. To maximize your AirTag’s efficiency and longevity, recommended battery brands are advised, as they are specifically designed to complement the device’s power requirements.

Using Branded vs Generic Batteries

Choosing between branded and generic batteries significantly influences your AirTag’s reliability and endurance. Branded batteries are known for their superior reliability and longer lifespan, ensuring your AirTag operates smoothly over time. Conversely, generic batteries may not uphold the same performance standards, potentially diminishing the device’s tracking capabilities and responsiveness.

Impact of Battery Brand on Performance

The brand of the battery directly impacts your AirTag’s operational efficiency. Premium, branded batteries are engineered to provide steady power output, crucial for the AirTag’s precise tracking abilities. Opting for lesser-quality batteries could result in frequent disconnections or imprecise location data, compromising the device’s utility.

Recommended Battery Brands for Optimal Performance

To achieve the best performance from your AirTag, using recommended battery brands is advisable. Trusted names like Energizer, Duracell, and Panasonic offer batteries that are not only reliable but also specifically suited for devices like AirTags. These brands ensure that your AirTag functions at peak efficiency, facilitating uninterrupted tracking of your valuables.


Understanding the intricacies of your AirTag’s battery life is key to maintaining its peak performance and reliability. Recognizing when it’s time for a battery change and selecting the right battery type are essential insights that ensure your AirTag remains a dependable tool for keeping track of your belongings. Embracing the simple replacement process and opting for high-quality branded batteries can significantly enhance your AirTag’s lifespan and functionality. Armed with this knowledge, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that come with using an AirTag, confident that it’s always ready when you need it most.