How to hide the iMessage typing bubble


Quick Answer: There is no direct option to hide the iMessage typing bubble, but there are some steps you can take to keep the iMessage typing indicator from showing.

The iMessage typing bubble is handy. However, the feature can cause issues, and you might want to know how to stop people from knowing when you’re typing in iMessage.

If you start typing and get interrupted, the person on the other end may notice your aborted texting attempt and cry foul.

You wouldn’t want a friend to think they aren’t worth the effort of completing a message. Or perhaps you would. If that’s the case, you’re welcome to embrace the feature.

Some of us don’t type quickly on certain devices—or at all—and having a bubble showcase our inferior texting skills isn’t appealing.

Fortunately, several workarounds can help you stage a cover-up. Let’s discuss the tricks you can use to prevent people from knowing when you’re typing in iMessage.

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Hide iMessage typing bubbles by starting a new conversation

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A quick and sneaky way to avoid triggering the typing bubble is to start a new conversation. You could even delete the entire thread if that’s more your style, but that approach is a little heavy-handed.

Here’s how to hide the iMessage typing bubble by starting a new conversation:

Hide the iMessage typing bubble on Mac:

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That covers the Mac. Now, onto the iPhone.

How to hide iMessage typing bubbles on iPhone:

If you are sending iMessages on your iPhone, follow these steps after opening the Messages app:

  1. Tap the New Message icon in the top-right corner
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  1. Compile your text without choosing a recipient
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  1. Select a recipient and send the message
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Because the message isn’t attached to the recipient until you’re ready to send, no one will ever know that you were typing.

Type the message elsewhere and paste into iMessage

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Another convenient method for avoiding the dreaded typing bubble is to write your message in another app and paste it into iMessage. The Notes app on your Mac or iOS device is the perfect tool.

All you need to do is open the app, compile your text, and copy and paste it into iMessage.

The recipient shouldn’t notice the difference but may question your ability to type new messages faster than humanly possible.

Use Siri to write a message

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When it comes to denouncing the typing bubble, Siri is your savior. You can call on her at any time to type your message for you and avoid notice. Here’s how to send a text using Siri:

  1. Activate Siri and say “Text”
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  1. Name a recipient and dictate your message
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  1. Say “Send”
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That’s it. With Siri as your accomplice, no one will ever discover the ruse.

Why can’t you disable the typing bubble in iMessage?

If Apple provided a way to disable the typing bubble, workarounds wouldn’t be necessary.

Unfortunately, such a setting doesn’t exist, which means that every typed message becomes a covert operation to avoid drawing unwanted attention.

If you really want to eradicate the typing bubble, you could switch iMessage off and go green instead.

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