How to Keep Your Gadgets Secured When Travelling

It is a good idea to bring along essential gadgets with you when traveling. But sometimes, people tend to go overboard and pack a variety of different gadgets for their vacations. These may include DSLR cameras, golf cart speakers, laptops, mobile phones, camcorders, iPads, and digital watches. 

Most of these gadgets are essential in some way or another and choosing between them is a pretty tough decision. Mobile phones are necessary because they keep you connected with your loved ones. Handy cams or DSLR cameras allow you to capture photos and videos of yourself, your travel companions, and photos of your travel destinations. A laptop is essential to stay in touch with your professional life and get some urgent piece of work done on the go. 

Here are a few tips that will help you to protect and secure your gadgets while you travel.

Keep your Gadgets Close

In order to make sure that your gadgets are safe and within arm’s length, you may keep your gadgets in a hand carry so that they never leave your sight. Most international airlines allow passengers to take their hand-carry along with them. Keep your gadgets and other valuables in this bag eliminates the chances of damaging or losing them.

If you are an iPhone user then you know that iPhones are sensitive devices. Before placing an iPhone in a hand-carry you should use an iPhone 12 case or if you have another model, you can encase it in a protective heavy-duty iPhone case without worrying a  bit about bumps on the road.

Use Password and Auto-lock Protection

With the digital advancements and innovation of the modern world come security and privacy challenges. These threats require you to secure all digital devices with a password. Regardless of whether you own and use these devices in a personal or professional capacity, make sure they are secured with a password as well as an auto-lock option.

Autolock is a security feature that locks your password-protected device if you leave it idle for a pre-determined period of time, Once locked, users need to re-enter the password to resume their activities. The password and auto-lock feature are very handy when you accidentally leave your smartphone, laptop, or tablet unattended. 

In case you lose your device or it gets stolen, your password and auto-lock activation feature will prevent unauthorized access, thereby protecting your data and privacy.

Make Regular Backups

If God forbid your mobile, laptop, or any other device gets lost or stolen, it becomes heart-wrenching to lose all your contacts,  personal pictures, important documents, and other important stuff.

Before leaving for vacation, do not forget to make an extra copy as a backup of all the important data stored on your devices.

Beware of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

When you are traveling overseas or in another country, the use of public roaming can save you from the high data roaming charges, so it can become pretty tempting. However, keep in mind that public wifi hotspots render your devices vulnerable to hackers who can access your personal data.

So keeping this threat in mind, you can protect your data by using good end-to-end encryption that you can get by installing a trusted VPN service. VPN or Virtual Protection Network masks your location and provides protection to your data and devices against cybercriminals.

If you are planning to go on a trip, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips. If you have any questions or tips that your you’d like to share, please let us know in the comments section. Have a safe journey!