Improve Your Online Survey Now – 5 Tips You Must Try In 2023

There is a lot that you can do to improve your online surveys right now because your competitors are already doing it. You don’t want them to reach your audience before you do and sweep them off their feet before you even have a chance. Questionnaires and online surveys are great tools to engage your audience and also promote your brand. 

They give you an opportunity to collect valuable information and understand the mood of your prospects as well. This is probably the reason surveys and questionnaires are so important. They not only make for great promotional tools but also a fantastic way of keeping in touch with your audience throughout the year. But there is always scope for improvement. Let’s have a look at a few ideas that can improve your online survey processes without any trouble:

1. Keep It Short And Engaging

Your survey connects you with your audience and determines your brand perception. In this process, you understand what they want from you and how pleased they are with your offerings. The survey should be somewhere between 6 and 10 minutes which is an industry-standard. Anything more than that is going to discourage your users.

2. The Questions Should Be Simple

Remember, if your questionnaire pops up in the middle of a video streaming platform, it has to be very precise and engaging at the same time. Your users would continue looking for a “skip” option and this is why it is very important to keep it simple, crisp, and uncomplicated. You will get faster and more correct responses every time.

3. Using Closed-Ended Questions

This is a great policy and it can be incorporated when creating a survey for your consumers. In fact, this is one of the several advantages of online surveys because it allows you to get the most appropriate and definitive answer from your prospects. The question should be in the form of yes/no. It can also be multiple-choice or probably a rating scale. This allows for very specific answers and enables you to collect high-quality information from your subjects.

4. Always Go For A Logical Order

It is always better to stick to a logical order of questions. There can be a brief introduction in the beginning that motivates your audience. And then there can be the actual questionnaire and in the end, some insights or incentives. Also, it is better to follow a series or an order, especially if it is about the use of a particular product or service. That makes more sense to your consumers always.

5. Send At Least Three Reminders

This is specific to marketing or promoting your survey. When you are advertising for your questionnaire or any such online form, you should send out at least three reminders to your prospects. Do not be too pushy. But then again, do not be too subtle either.


These tips should help you improve your online survey processes significantly. You will be able to collect more relevant and honest responses by keeping your survey just the way it has been explained above.