Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live stream: How to watch for free?


For the first time since taking up boxing in 2018, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is facing down a bona fide professional boxer in the ring. Paul boasts an undefeated professional boxing record of six wins, but as he has yet to touch gloves another professional boxer (most of his opponents have been other celebrities or MMA fighters), many boxing fans and commentators don’t consider him a legitimate boxer.

That may change today, as Paul is going up against undefeated professional boxer Tommy Fury — younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury — for the newly-created WBC Diriyah Belt. This is a pay-per-view event broadcasting exclusively on ESPN+ in the U.S., making that the only way to watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury. So, no: There isn’t a free Jake Paul vs Tommy fury live stream. Not a legal one, anyway.

Watch the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live stream on ESPN+

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If you’re planning to watch the highly anticipated Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Top Rank Boxing match live, ESPN+ is the go-to platform. To access the stream, you’ll have to sign up for ESPN+, which currently costs $10 per month or $100 year. Then, you can purchase the pay-per-view event for $50. This gives you full access to the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live stream and all the action as it happens in real-time. The ESPN+ app is available on most devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. You can also watch the fight right in your PC’s web browser. The action begins at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT) on Sunday, February 26. ESPN+ is also a must-have streaming service for MMA fans, as it’s the primary broadcaster of UFC fights in the U.S. and the only outlet for watching UFC pay-per-view events each month.

Watch the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live stream from abroad with a VPN

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If you’re traveling or living outside the U.S. and want to watch the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live stream through ESPN+, you can do so with a virtual private network. A VPN allows you to change your IP address and virtual location, making it appear as though you’re accessing the internet from a different region. This allows you to bypass geography-based broadcasting restrictions and access content that is normally only available in the U.S. One of the best VPN services for streaming is NordVPN, which offers fast and reliable connections to servers in the U.S. and many other countries. To use NordVPN to stream the fight, simply download and install the NordVPN app on your device, connect to a server in the U.S., and then purchase you pay-per-view ticket through ESPN+.

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