Kraft Heinz Expands Presence in Latin American B2B Marketplace


Kraft Heinz is now offering its products directly to merchants on Anheuser-Busch InBev’s online marketplace, BEES, in an effort to grow its business across emerging markets in Latin America.

BEES is a digital platform that connects small retailers and hospitality businesses with AB InBev’s products. Recently, BEES expanded beyond beer to include other consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, such as Kraft Heinz, within its marketplace, opening new sources of revenue.

“Emerging markets are key to our growth strategy, and we’re leaning into smart partnerships and smart investments to drive this forward,” said Rafa Oliveira, EVP and President, International Markets at The Kraft Heinz Company said in a press release. “BEES is the perfect partner because it offers the reliability and credibility of AB InBev’s distribution network, particularly in countries where we have huge potential to grow, while also allowing us to customize our approach on a market-by-market basis serving the needs of regional retailers. To be successful in countries like Mexico, we have to use technology to increase sales force impact, and we believe BEES is poised to be a game-changer for us.”

Via the online marketplace, businesses in Latin America—whether it’s grocery store chains, small businesses or anywhere in between—will be able to browse and order Kraft Heinz products digitally. They’ll also have access to real-time pricing and promotions, as well as tools  for inventory management, sales tracking, and payment processing.

The Buzz About B2B Platforms

BEES was launched by AB InBev in 2019 and has since expanded to several countries, including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa. The online marketplace is part of AB InBev’s broader efforts to digitize its operations and streamline the ordering process for retailers.

The BEES platform has been a significant driver of AB InBev’s revenue growth, accounting for approximately 63% of the company’s revenue.

One of the key benefits of a platform such as BEES is increased efficiency. By eliminating intermediaries and allowing businesses to transact directly, B2B platforms are reducing transaction costs and speeding up the procurement process. This is particularly valuable for small and medium-sized enterprises which often struggle to navigate complex supply chains.

Another major advantage of online B2B platforms is their ability to connect businesses with global markets. These platforms make it easier for businesses to find new customers and partners around the world, expanding their reach and increasing their growth potential. Indeed, Heinz is using this as a way of driving product adoption in Latin America, particularly in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.


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