The 8 best international payroll services for 2023


When searching for an optimal choice, “casting a wide net” can help reveal a wider array of options and alternatives. While there are plenty of fish in the sea, limiting your search to a single body of water can reduce your likelihood of finding the best option.

In the same respect, employers looking to source quality talent gain more options by expanding their employment to international workers.

But global talent sourcing can be a complex and costly process, and once an international employee is hired, the complications don’t stop there. Employers must then manage payroll for their international employees, which can be challenging due to different tax laws and currency exchange rates.

However, international payroll processing services can ease global payroll processes by simplifying tasks such as calculating and paying taxes, managing compliance and distributing payments. Using these tools can make hiring internationally more worth an employer’s time and money, as they can gain the benefits and variety of a global workforce without being weighed down by the complexities of international payroll.

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Global payroll services let users cast a wider net when choosing workers by enabling them to pay employees or contractors in different countries. These are the top eight international payroll services for organizations in 2023.

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Top international payroll solutions

ADP Celergo Papaya Global Rippling Oyster HR Remote Gusto Pilot Multiplier
International Employee Payroll Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
International Contractor Payroll No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Global Onboarding Tools No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Employee Self Service Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Reporting with Data Analytics Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in time tracking tools Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes


The ADP logo.
Image: ADP

Best for HR management features

ADP provides international payroll and HR services in 140+ countries with the ADP Celergo global payroll solution. This product connects multicountry payrolls in one platform and provides international payroll processes through workflow automation.

ADP’s Celergo system provides features optimized to support users in managing their international business operations’ payroll and HR needs. For example, ADP Celergo can carry out wage calculations, deductions and tax payments based on information from its built-in time and attendance tracking tools.

The product assists employers with preparing and filing tax returns and ensuring compliance with local tax laws and regulations. ADP keeps global data safe by offering tools for global data management, data security and privacy compliance.

Aside from its payroll-specific functions, ADP’s Celergo benefits teams through its HR management features and capabilities. For example, the ADP product enables organizations to refine their onboarding processes with document management capabilities and the creation of employee records. With the employee self-service portal, administrators and employees can view their HR and payroll data.

Organizations can integrate their ADP Celegro solutions with other third-party tools, including accounting solutions, ERPs, collaboration platforms and more. The software supports connections with many popular systems like QuickBooks, Xero, BambooHR, Workday and Slack.

ADP pricing

Although pricing for ADP’s international payroll solution is not provided online, curious readers may call their sales team to receive a customized demo and cost information.

Papaya Global

Papaya Global logo.
Image: Papaya Global

Best for real-time data analytics

Papaya Global offers international payroll services in 160+ countries and benefits organizations by providing synced payroll information and features in one unified system.

The international payroll solution contains features that support businesses in gaining insights from their payroll data. For instance, its real-time reporting and analytics tools allow workforce leaders to track their payroll and HR data in real-time for faster analysis and less time to reach actionable insights.

Papaya’s system also supports integration with other popular HR systems like BambooHR for streamlined data syncing. With the mobile app and employee self-service portal, workers and leaders can access their HR and payment information to quickly update their schedules and HR information.

Other notable features of the product include its precision engine, which reviews documentation automatically to ensure compliance with international regulations and requirements. The system also supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French and Hebrew. Finally, Papaya helps businesses ensure that their workers are paid within 72 hours through an in-house payments solution.

Papaya pricing

Papaya’s Global Payroll & Payments solution starts at $20/month per employee. It comes with general payroll, taxes and benefits features. Interested shoppers can also get a tailored quote through their website. Reviewers of the product gave it favorable ratings for its fast global payments and reporting capabilities.


The Rippling logo.
Image: Rippling

Best for automation features

Rippling offers global payroll management technology so businesses can hire talent from anywhere, manage their payroll and HR processes, and generate worldwide employee data reports in a single centralized system.

Rippling makes onboarding international workers easy, as the system sets up employees and contractors with their training and devices quickly so they can get to work in no time. Businesses can even pay their workers in their local currency.

Rippling uses automation and synced data for payroll operations, enabling organizations to develop custom workflows that keep their teams on track. For example, automated notifications keep staff members informed about payroll adjustments. It automatically categorizes and syncs payroll and finance data to users’ general ledger, saving them time on reconciliation.

Rippling also automates global compliance processes to comply with international staff’s local laws and provides features for global minimum wage enforcement, overtime enforcement and leave enforcement. It supports many integrations with HR, IT and finance systems. You’ll likely find that your go-to systems are supported, as popular integration options include Slack, Zoom and Google Workspace.

Rippling pricing

Pricing for Rippling software starts at $8/month per user. Rippling also allows buyers to choose the services they prefer to receive a custom quote. Rippling’s payroll solution received high ratings online, as customers enjoyed its ease of use and intuitive UI.

Oyster HR

Oyster logo.
Image: Oyster

Best for growing distributed teams

Oyster HR is an international payroll provider available in 180+ countries, making it an optimal choice for businesses with distributed workforces.

The software excels in its global employment tools, which are designed to help with international staff onboarding and payroll management. For instance, users can access vetted resources, including global employment templates and checklists. The software also comes with a Time Zone Crossover Calculator for determining optimal talent sourcing locations and the Global Employment Cost Calculator for instantly calculating all employment costs for workers worldwide.

Organizations can conduct their international business operations confidently by using Oyster HR’s global employment guidance tools. For example, the Contractor vs Full-Time Employee Analyzer tool allows businesses to assess potential risks and costs associated with each international employment option, the Employee Misclassification Analyzer helps them determine their risk of employee misclassification, and the Remote Work Regulations Guide or speaking to their benefits advisor can help them choose the right benefits for all international workers.

Oyster also provides services for simplifying global talent sourcing with end-to-end employee management for international hiring. Its features help employers ensure compliance with hiring and payroll with onboarding paperwork and communication in one platform. This way, it’s faster to hire full-time employees and contractors from any of their 180+ supported countries.

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Users can integrate Oyster with their ATS, expense management, ERP and HRIS tools. The software supports connections with popular third-party programs like Xero, QuickBooks Online, Oracle NetSuite and others.

Oyster HR pricing

Pricing for Oyster HR starts at $29 per contractor/month for their Contractor plan, which provides limited features for employing and managing contractors. The Employee plan starts at $499 per employee/month billed annually, or $599 per employee/month billed monthly, and provides an employee management solution for global teams. Finally, Oyster also provides custom pricing through the Scale plan, which is recommended for large and growing teams. Users reviewed Oyster favorably online for its ease of use and helpful customer support.


Remote logo.
Image: Remote

Best for employer of record services

Remote helps organizations employ their distributed workforce with international payroll services. Their international payroll services act as an employer of record to hire employees on the organization’s behalf and manage payments for contractors.

Remote supports organizations as a global payroll services provider to manage their international payroll, benefits operations, compliance processes and more. This includes providing employer of record services and contractor management capabilities through their platform.

Unique features of the service include customized employment contracts and specialized protections for employers’ intellectual property and invention rights. Users can utilize Remote’s employee misclassification risk tool to ensure that they are providing the correct employment rights and benefits to their international workers. The Employee cost calculator lets users determine the cost of paying international workers, including all government-mandated social contributions.

Remote’s applicant tracking system, payroll and ATS software system integrations can increase the functionality of their services. Integrations are supported with a variety of popular applications, including Greenhouse and BambooHR. They also have a Remote API so organizations can build custom integrations.

Remote pricing

Remote’s services start at $599/month per employee charged annually, or $699/month per employee charged monthly, through their Employer of Record plan, which enables buyers to hire international employees in countries where they don’t have entities. Alternatively, the Contractor Management plan lets buyers manage and pay international contractors at $29/month per contractor. Interested readers can also contact the company for Global Payroll plan quotes or to receive custom pricing for the Remote Enterprise plan.

Customer reviews indicate that Remote Payroll provides an easy onboarding and payroll process, although its pricing is high compared to other international payroll service providers.


The Gusto logo.
Image: Gusto

Best for businesses with international contractors

Gusto is a popular choice among payroll providers and offers features and capabilities for hiring and paying international contractors on every continent except for Antarctica. Gusto offers employers the ability to make international contractor payments in 95 countries, including India, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and Canada. The company also acquired Remote Team to provide international remote hiring services.

Gusto enables businesses to perform payroll processing in multiple countries while maintaining local tax law and regulation compliance. With benefits management tools, time and attendance tracking, unlimited payroll support and analytics features, it’s no wonder why Gusto is such a well-known payroll provider.

International contractor payments are supported in Gusto’s “contractor-only” plan. Employers can add international contractors for free and pay them with foreign exchange fees. With customizable onboarding checklists for international contractors, self-onboarding features and the ability to add international contractors to a recurring payment schedule, the solution simplifies payroll so workers can begin their jobs fast.

As for its additional international payroll features, Gusto comes with multilingual support, enabling businesses to conduct their international operations in various languages, including English, Spanish and French.

Employers using Gusto can ensure their remote international contractors are getting their work done. With Gusto’s Mobile Time Tracking and Geolocation tools, workers can log their hours from anywhere in the world. International contractors can receive payday emails from Gusto and can contact their employers with questions or concerns.

Gusto pricing

The Contractor Only plan provides services for contractor-only businesses. It is priced at $35/month plus $6/month per contractor. This plan has international contractor payments available as an add-on service.

Gusto reviewers appreciate the servicer for its fair pricing and intuitive UI.


The Pilot logo.
Image: Pilot

Best for features that support International contractors and employees

Pilot lets employers provide automated payments to their international contractors. In addition, the payroll service supports built-in payments without requiring transaction fees or exchange rate markups, making it an economical choice for businesses with global contractors.

Pilot helps employers pay international contractors in 240+ countries quickly and equitably, and it acts as an employer of record to hire and pay employees in 100+ countries without having to set up local entities. The service also comes with benefits, expense management and contracts features.

The centralized payroll platform lets employers submit automated payments to their domestic and international contractors and employees in as little as 1-2 business days. In addition, the contractor self-service platform allows them to submit expense reports and payments, and overseas contractors won’t need to handle any transaction fees to get paid for their hard work.

Users can benefit from fast transactions with local currency payments and bank transfers in 70+ countries with no currency markups. International contractors need not mess with e-wallets, as payments are directly deposited in their bank accounts.

Employers’ payments are processed in their name by financial institutions for faster verification and increased security for contractor payments. All Pilot contracts are localized to avoid misclassification. Pilot collects W-8 and W-9 forms from workers and helps businesses streamline their 1099 filing process.

Pilot pricing

Pilot is priced in three payment plans. Their Contractor plan is priced at a flat rate of $29/month per contractor and includes payments in 240+ countries and 70+ local currencies. The International Employees plan starts at $299/month per employee and supports hiring in 100+ countries.

Buyers can also choose from the Employees Plus plans, which are offered in two-tier options. Tier A starts at $459 per employee, and Tier B starts at $749 per employee. Each Employees Plus plan includes the same features as the Employee plans with more customization and payment capabilities.

Pilot is a very highly rated service, and many reviews state appreciation for the software’s customer support and synchronized accounting.


Multiplier logo.
Image: Multiplier

Best for risk-free international onboarding

Multiplier is a platform that helps employers perform their international payroll with features for managing taxes, social contributions and local insurance policies. The all-in-one system takes care of many different areas involved in the employment, onboarding and payment of international employees.

Multiplier takes “risk-free” to the next level by providing employment contracts that ensure compliance with local laws. The solution lets employers onboard, pay and provide benefits with reliability and security to global teams. It has local business entities in over 150 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The service also keeps users processes secure from anywhere with cloud AWS, GDPR-compliant and enterprise-class data protection policies. For employers onboarding global employees, Multiplier provides a team of on-site legal and tax experts to help them craft compliant contracts and avoid risk.

Multiplier helps businesses generate multilingual compliant local contracts, and the benefits administration features let them provide local benefits of global standards to their employees. Employers can provide payments to international employees in minutes, distributed in their local currencies, so that they can get support for their work fast.

Multiplier’s solution lets users manage their expenses, time sheets and leave on one centralized platform. Employers can support their workers with localized coverage for employees, pensions and social contributions that comply with their local corporate and tax laws. Multiplier even lets employers generate customized insurance policies to ensure that international workers receive the right benefits.

Multiplier pricing

Multiplier’s Hire Employees plan lets employers onboard full-time employees in countries where they don’t have entities, starting from $300/month. The Pay Freelancers plan allows employers to onboard and pay freelancers across the globe starting at $40/month. Additionally, the Run Global Payroll plan lets businesses pay and ensure timely payroll and benefits for international employees starting at $20/month. The Provide Employee Insurance plan allows employers to offer homogenous insurance of global standards starting at $20/month.

Users who reviewed Multiplier’s solution online gave the system high ratings for its smooth onboarding processes and helpful employer of record features.

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