The world’s first fully wireless OLED TV is completely off the hook


Wireless TVs aren’t a completely sci-fi idea – LG is showing a 97-inch wireless OLED at CES 2023, where it’s one of the more attention-grabbing items in the company’s crowded booth. But far off in a quiet, isolated corner of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall is something perhaps more intriguing: a fully wireless 55-inch 4K OLED TV.

Completely wireless as in no wires – not even a power cable (which LG’s wireless 97-inch OLED has). Displace TV has created a display that runs on four rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which gives you a month of six hours a day viewing before a recharge is required. The TV, wireless base station, batteries, and charger are priced at $3,000 for the lot, and you can buy four TVs from the company for $9,000. 

Why would you want four wireless Displace TVs? Because you can combine them together to create a 110-inch 8K TV. The sets have top mounted cameras that track hand movements, and by using a pinch-and-expand gesture, you can get an image being displayed on one of the screens to scale up and fill all four. (The Displace TV wireless base station, which streams to the displays via Wi-Fi 6E, has multiple video inputs to enable simultaneous viewing of different sources, and it also has a smart TV interface.)

Side view of Displace TV on white wall

Angled view of Displace TV panel. Note the battery slots (at top and bottom) and side handles for mounting and dismounting. Also note screen glare. (Image credit: Future)

Witnessing that pinch-and-expand function was sort of mind-blowing, but what was even cooler was getting to watch a TV being mounted to a wall. 


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