This Samsung Odyssey 27-inch QHD gaming monitor is $120 off


If you’ve spent a bunch of cash on a new gaming PC, don’t skimp on a new monitor. There are some great monitor deals out there that will bring high resolution, low latency displays into a reasonable price range. For instance, this 27-inch Samsung Odyssey G50A is down to only $280 after a $120 price cute. You’re going to be staring at this thing for hundreds of hours, so make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Why you should buy the Samsung Odyssey G50A gaming monitor

Samsung’s Odyssey gaming monitors are always present in lists of the best gaming monitors, so you’re sure that you’ll be getting a top-quality product if you go for the Samsung Odyssey G50A. Its 27-inch screen is larger than the recommended baseline of 24 inches by our computer monitor buying guide, and with its Quad HD resolution, you’ll be able to better appreciate the graphics of modern video games through sharp details and vivid colors. The gaming monitor also features a 165Hz refresh rate, which measures how often the images on the screen are updated, and a 1ms response time, which indicates the speed at which it shows image transitions.

To further make your gameplay immersive, the Samsung Odyssey G50A eliminates stuttering and tearing with its support for Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync Premium technologies. The gaming monitor comes with VESA mounting capability, which combines with its tilt, pivot, and height adjustments to help you set it up in the exact position that you want — to save space, to access the most comfortable viewing angle, or both. There’s also the option to go with an Ultrawide Game View, which will let you discover hidden areas and give you a better look at what you’re playing.

After taking advantage of gaming PC deals, the next step to a complete gaming setup is to purchase a proper display like the 27-inch Samsung Odyssey G50A. Best Buy is selling the gaming monitor for just $280 after a $120 discount on its sticker price of $400, which makes it a steal. There’s no telling when the offer will end though, so it’s highly recommended that you add the Samsung Odyssey G50A gaming monitor to your cart and check out immediately.

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