Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Keep Your Financial Data Safe

Protecting your company’s most sensitive information is a key component of your job as a tech professional. Not only do you have to worry about threats from the outside in the form of hackers, but also well-meaning employees inside the company who fall for phishing schemes or use less-than-secure means of sharing data. Because even a relatively small data breach can have disastrous consequences for your organization, you need to be on guard around the clock. Unfortunately, even the most dedicated IT administrator can’t be everywhere at once.

This is where cybersecurity systems infused with artificial intelligence provide a solution. Through advanced machine learning technology, these systems can patrol your network at all times, getting more sophisticated with every encounter. For example, they can scan through incoming emails and spot phishing scams before they have a chance to reach employees’ inboxes. This means they can be quarantined and removed without ever exposing users to the risk of clicking on something they shouldn’t. AI also has the capacity to predict potential threats to firewalls and other security measures. If someone attempts to access content that he or she is not authorized to see, the AI can prevent it until the attempt is determined to be authentic.

Keeping up with all the hazards out there in cyberspace can seem like an impossible task for even the most capable technology pro. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can have your back and make the job much easier. To learn more about what AI can do for you and your organization, take a look at the accompanying resource.Infographic created by DFIN