Wedding Reception Planning Made Easy

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Wedding is a very precious moment for every couple. And then comes wedding reception which is an intrinsic part of wedding celebrations. You may believe that organizing your reception will be as simple as planning your ceremony. The party aspect of your event might actually be a lot of work to plan and planning a wedding reception is daunting task as well. Receptions call for extensive planning and co-ordination, as well as precise timing. You have to select and book vendors, décor partners, caterers, and many more things to finalize. 

If you are planning your wedding reception and won’t be able to think what to do, then don’t worry! Read this guide which includes comprehensive checklist for your wedding reception. This article will make your wedding reception planning easy. 

1. Select a Location 

Start looking for locations after you known an approximate date of your wedding. Determine your spending limit, estimate your guest list, and decide on your preferred reception style.

2. Make a Time Line

Write out everything you will do when on a timeline and provide it to your photographer and reception site manager so that everyone is working with same clock after you have decided what you will do when. Tell the manager when to anticipate vendor deliveries as well (cake, flowers, and rentals). 

3. Visit Your Venue and Cross-Check Things

As soon as you can, take a walk-through of the venue and make note of elements to emphasis, such as where the food stall will be, where you and your bride will enter from and the highlighted elements of the venue, as well as spots that need to be freshened up or emphasized. 

4. Consider the Lighting of the Event

Lighting is a very vital part of every event. Because you click pics and lighting attracts people. If an event doesn’t have a good lighting then the event is completely broken. That is why, it is said that lighting may make or break your wedding reception. You do not necessarily need to engage experts to cast patterns on the dance floor to set the proper mood. You just have to consider simple lighting at most used areas like the entry gate, the bride and groom’s sitting area, an area where the guests can click photographs, dance stage and the dining area of course. 

5. Consider Novel ideas

One long banquet table may fit a sleekly modern space more than multiple round ones do, and a bowl of fresh fruit offers a gorgeous and surprising replacement for a standard floral centerpiece. 

6. Send a Save The Date Video to The Guests

Get guests to mark their calendars, especially if you’re having a destination wedding or being married on a particular day. In order to guarantee that the people you truly want to attend the celebration will be able to attend, it is ideal to mail out these notices at least four months before the wedding. 

7. Organize a Backup

Organizing a reception outside? You cannot rely on the weather being sunny, so either rent a tent or choose a place that has an inside backup plan. 

9. Hire a Wedding Planner

Using services of a wedding planner will be a great option if you don’t know how to manage a wedding reception. It might be expensive but worth spending the money. They have the planning and expertise and they can help to manage the logistics of the day itself. 


To conclude this article, we would just like to say that planning a wedding reception is not easy and managing it is quite tough. But if you make a correct plan, then anything can be managed. If you have planned the wedding reception appropriately then you can make the newly married couple and their guests satisfied and happy at the end. 

You have to make sure that everything is under your budget and you have to also make a check-lost so that you won’t be lacking in anything. A checklist will help you organize your event smoothly and you don’t forget anything in the event. 

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