What Is PDU In Data Center?

The electrical components necessary to handle the electrical supply that runs servers, computers, and networking devices in data centers are power distribution units (PDUs). Though power distribution units (PDUs) began as simple power strips with limited capabilities, modern PDUs can handle huge organizations and include features such as remote monitoring and access. 

Your firm may enhance efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and safeguard your equipment from surges by using a powerful rack- or floor-mounted PDU. PDUs are devices that control the electrical power in a data center. A PDU can be a power strip without a surge protector in its most basic form, but these sorts of PDUs don’t provide much protection or efficiency for your data center.

Instead, all modern data centers rely on rack- or floor-mounted power distribution units (PDUs) that offer statistics on power utilization effectiveness. Every PDU converts one or more power inputs into multiple power outputs, usually eight in total. 

A PDU can transfer AC and DC power from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and protect your equipment from damage during electrical surges, even though it cannot create electricity. Datacenter high-power PDUs are so efficient that they allow managers to consolidate equipment and save money on receptacles and plugs.

Types of PDU

For households and small enterprises, simple PDUs are sufficient, but data centers must invest in high-power PDUs. These PDUs can handle adequate power for large businesses, and the racks may be joined together to construct larger PDU systems. The more intelligent the PDU, the better the investment and the more money you may save on energy efficiency, productivity, and maintenance.

Rack-mounted PDUs, also known as intelligent or smart PDUs, monitor the flow of power to switches, servers, and the rest of the devices in your data center. They are typically 19-23 inches wide, balance enormous power loads, and protect against electrical surges. A three-phase display and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) remote management capabilities are included with each rack-mounted PDU.

PDUs, or main distribution units, are floor-mounted power distribution units that connect your office’s principal power to the equipment racks in your network operations center and data centers. PDUs can manage more energy than standard power strips and power numerous equipment racks.

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