What To Look For In A CRM?

Customer relationship management software is the finest companion and essential tool of your sales staff. This digital system helps you to organize your company’s leads and clients, enabling your sales and marketing staff to communicate with them directly or via marketing campaigns. The ideal CRM software enables you to comprehend what customers want and displays information regarding your team’s most recent interaction with them.

A CRM solution may save you from spending time, money, and resources on an audience that is not interested in your product. With a CRM, you may evaluate the information, demands, and habits of users to identify prospective consumers. A marketing strategy aimed toward these prospects can enhance your ability to close sales, increase customer engagement, and foster brand loyalty.

A CRM may also group and organize information about your audience. You may acquire a comprehensive insight into client requirements and their interactions with your firm.

Developing a relationship with your customers is crucial to the success of your business, and CRM software may aid in this endeavor. This allows you to promote them in the most effective manner. Your marketing, customer support, and sales processes will be enhanced since your staff will be able to comprehend their responsibilities and track prior contacts.

Mobile Access

Sales representatives must be equally effective in and out of the office; thus, the ability to access transactions and contact information from any device is essential. Your CRM should ideally include iPhone and Android mobile apps that are dependable and simple to use, without losing desktop functionalities.

Team-wide Communication

Does your CRM make it simple for sales representatives to interact and share client information with other team members, even those outside the sales department? You have a significant edge over sales teams who are isolated within their businesses because you can immediately include your support and marketing departments to provide further assistance on ongoing negotiations.

Fast, Easy Setup

Do not commit to a CRM that requires substantial training or, even worse, a full-time administrator. Small business sales teams benefit most from user-friendly, simple CRM solutions that can be mastered in a single afternoon and do not require ongoing maintenance. Keep in mind that 55 percent of sales representatives believe that CRM usability is the most crucial characteristic. Often, fancy bells and whistles overwhelm sales representatives who simply want to sell more rapidly.

Contact Syncing

A sales staff might lose numerous hours each week to manual data input. The finest CRMs eliminate as many of these repetitious procedures as possible by allowing you to rapidly synchronize your email accounts, calendar, and smartphone, providing a centralized destination for all account information.

Custom Reports

The majority of CRM platforms are able to provide you with an overview of your sales and pipeline numbers at a glance; however, the ones that are the most helpful enable sales teams to drill down by product, source, and other filters, which enables you to find the figures that are most relevant to you.


If your company’s sales representatives are required to exit your CRM every time they need to send an email or check their appointment calendar, the amount of time they waste will pile up over time, which will reduce the efficiency of your team. Look for a CRM that can interact with the company software you are already utilizing so that you and your sales representatives can do all of your tasks in one location.

Sales Process Tools

Not only should CRM make your sales staff better organized, but it should also make them more productive. CRMs that provide features for sales processes enable sales professionals to know when and how to reach out to customers, allowing them to focus more on closing deals rather than managing tasks. The use of sales process tools provides managers with an additional method to dissect their pipelines, not just numerically but also qualitatively, in order to determine whether or not their representatives are working leads successfully.


Every dollar matters when it comes to the success of small and medium-sized enterprises. CRMs that have extensive feature lists typically come with extensive per-user prices. Additionally, some CRMs nickel-and-dime their users by charging additional fees for services that are considered normal. (If you have to pay to read your reports, what’s the sense of having a customer relationship management system?) Find a customer relationship management system (CRM) that is both reasonable and provides all of the capabilities that your sales force will need right out of the box.

Free Support

A helpful hint: If a customer relationship management (CRM) provider attempts to overcharge you for the privilege of receiving live support, they are taking advantage of you. It is important that the customer service section of your CRM be staffed by real people who can be reached via phone, email, or live chat.

 Team Adoption

If you don’t want to lose business, the customer relationship management system (CRM) you use needs to be built with your sales representatives in mind. According to a survey conducted by the Gartner Group in 2015, CRM adoption rates are far lower than fifty percent, therefore it should come as no surprise that a significant number of CRM endeavors ultimately fail. When customer relationship management (CRM) systems provide just a mechanism for managers to monitor their teams and compel compliance, sales representatives will revolt against these tools.

Your customer relationship management system (CRM) has to demonstrate its value to sales representatives first and foremost for the installation to be successful. This may be accomplished by reducing common pain points and assisting sales representatives in closing more transactions. The staff will get on board once they understand the benefits, which should be the number one priority in the hunt for a CRM.

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