Withings Body+ smart scale drops to $75 in this limited-time offer


We previously reviewed the Withings Body Cardio smart scale and we loved it. But here’s the kicker: it’s expensive. So if that smart scale is too rich for your blood, your next best bet is the Withings Body+.

The Withings Body+ typically sells for $100, but right now, you can get the Body+ for just $75 in this limited-time Best Buy offer.

That’s a respectable $25 discount on a device that promises to be your personal health coach, nutritionist, and trainer all in one.

Tracking your weight daily is one of the best ways to stay in shape, and the Withings Body+ smart scale makes it easy to do.

Step on the Body+, and you’ll see a display of your weight trend, plus options to check out fat, muscle, water, and bone mass, so you get a well-rounded look at your body composition.

Withings makes some of the best health-minded products out there, so being able to score the Body+ smart scale at just $75 vs. the usual $100 is a no-brainer.

Withings Body+ Smart Scale

Withings Body+ Smart Scale


The Withings Body+ Smart Scale is the ultimate scale for the data-obsessed. It features a sleek design, multiple user profiles, and the ability to measure everything from weight to body composition.

What We Like:

  • Tracks everything from body fat, water percentage, bone mass, and more
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Thin design so it doesn’t hog up too much real estate

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