How To Use Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that enables businesses of all kinds to manage their sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory from a centralized system. Create a verified account, modify your preferences, and import your data to begin utilizing the platform. Following that, you must integrate third-party applications, develop processes, and add users.

Continue reading and implementing these sIX steps to learn how to utilize Zoho CRM:

To begin, create a Zoho CRM account.

Begin by visiting the Zoho CRM website and creating a new account or signing in if you already have one. To register, simply provide your complete name, work email address, password, and phone number, followed by a click on the Get Started button.

 Adjust Your Preferences

The following step is to set up Zoho CRM to your business’s specific requirements. Configure the platform’s custom fields, transaction and pipeline phases, scoring criteria, reports, and other modules. To access all the tools you require, click on the setup icon in the upper right corner. The drop-down menus below will take you directly to the step-by-step instructions for customizing each piece.

 Sync Your Data With Zoho

To begin importing data from other CRMs, navigate to the Data Administration panel and click the “Import” link. From the drop-down menu, pick CRM software. After clicking on the program, you will be required to choose the files you wish to export from your previous CRM. Zoho CRM will guide you through the data import and format verification processes.

 Integrate Tools from Third-Party Providers and Marketplaces

By connecting Zoho CRM with third-party apps and tools, you may increase its features and functionality. Its integration Marketplace features a broad collection of compatible apps in a range of areas, including marketing, customer service, sales, business, collaboration, phone, analytics, and inventory management.

 Establish Workflows

Workflows are the sequence of processes and tasks you wish to perform in response to the development of a lead or deal. Automating repeated chores saves you time and effort. For instance, you may create a workflow that sends a follow-up email whenever a deal reaches a new step. This is applicable to leads, deals, and tasks.

 Users can be added

Once your Zoho CRM account is created, the final step is to add additional sales team members to your user list. Under the Users & Control panel, locate the “Users” link and click the blue “New User” button. Complete all required information and click “Save.”

New users will get an email invitation to complete their account setup in order to have access to your sales organization via the CRM.

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