When was the Pixel Watch released?


Quick Answer: Google’s Pixel Watch was announced on October 6, 2022, and released to the public on October 13. At launch, prices started at $349.

Google’s first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, was the talk of the town for years. Despite the abundance of leaks over the past years, the Pixel Watch is finally here.

For the most part, it was worth the wait, and most reviewers seem to like it. You can see why: it features rounded edges and a design that flows from the watch face to the band.

It comes in three different stainless steel finishes, and the housing is available in black, silver, or gold. Now that we got out of the way, let’s elaborate on why you’re probably here.

So, when was the Pixel Watch released?

Short Answer: October 13, 2022, but the company announced it on October 6.

The Pixel Watch runs on Google’s Wear OS operating system, which has been optimized for quick and easy use.

Plus, with various third-party apps available and the ability to customize watch faces, this device offers a customizable and convenient experience for users.

google pixel watch on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

On top of that, the smartwatch features an always-on display with a 320ppi AMOLED screen. It has 32GB of onboard storage and 2GB of RAM.

Google’s Pixel Watch features all-day battery life, up to 24 hours on a single charge. It’s available for preorder starting today and on shelves next week.

In short, the Google Pixel Watch is a game-changer in the world of smartwatches. Like, the sense that Android users have something else to complain about other than the Apple Watch.

google pixel watch
Image: Google

But the general consensus is that it’s a good first-generation smartwatch. It’s got all the bells and whistles you could want in a high-tech timepiece.

Whether you’re a fitness freak, a gearhead, or just someone who wants a super stylish watch, the Pixel Watch is worth checking out.

So if you’re wondering when this bad boy hit the market, now you know. Don’t sleep on it – check out the Google Pixel Watch and see if it’s the right fit.

It is available from GoogleBest BuyFitbitAmazonTarget, and Walmart.

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